Project short description: 

The large contribution expected from the building sector to the 2020 energy and climate change objectives calls for many efforts. One important effort is to increase the number of highly-qualified on-site ‘blue collar’ workers through further education/training to increase their skills in building nearly zero energy building using renewable energy and low energy renovations of buildings. The objectives are to analyse the national status quo, determine the necessary skills and associated barriers, develop a roadmap and platform, and to endorse the activities. Added value will be created at the European level through targeted exchange activities. The status quo will comprise the current situation regarding continuing education/training in the building sector, the current status of the building sector, current and planned policies and strategies for education/training and energy. The main characteristics/problems with low energy buildings and low energy renovation, skills required on-site and how to overcome associated barriers will be determined. The platform is already established by a strong consortium and strong reference group.
The project has now published the final draft of the Swedish Roadmap. Below you can find the Roadmap in Swedish and English. You can read more about the roadmap on the project’s national homepage.

Key documents: 
PDF icon Status_quo_Analysis_Sweden.pdf
PDF icon BUSS_Handlingsplan_SLUTLIG.pdf
PDF icon BUSSwe_Roadmap_Final.pdf