Project short description: 

The project will address qualification needs for the construction sector as a first step in order to support the development of a national strategy for Romania, including recommendations for the certification, qualification or training of craftsmen involved in energy efficiency and installers of RES systems in buildings. The project will also analyse the need to adapt the existing professional and university training curricula to reflect the new qualification needs. The intended approach is to gather in a common platform all relevant stakeholders, inbuilding and training sectors in Romania, and to work together in a consultation process with a view to define a coherent strategy and roadmap to embed training on intelligent energy solutions for buildings in the mainstream curricula and practice of building professionals, taking into account the expected contribution of the building sector to the national 2020 targets and the requirements for nearly zero-energy buildings. Based on the active involvement of the key actors, it is envisaged that the final national roadmap is endorsed by relevant authorities and stakeholders with a commitment to carry out and implement the proposed strategy

Key documents: 
PDF icon BUILD-UP-Skills_Romania_Status_Quo_EN.pdf
PDF icon EU_Exchange_Ljubljana_Poster_ROBUST_A4.pdf
PDF icon BUILD-UP-Skills_Roadmap_final_EN.pdf