The Nederlands

Project short description: 

BuildUpSkillsNL unites national forces to increase the number of qualified ‘blue collar’ workers covering all relevant crafts and professions in order to meet the 2020 objectives in the built environment. A national energy-efficiency and renewable energy training and qualification platform will be initiated. A consortium has been formed with parties from training sector and building sector.
BuildUpSkillsNL starts with the identification and quantification of the need for a qualified workforce. A complete analysis of the national situation will be made and a method developed to keep it up to date. The next step in the project is to set up a national qualification road-map. In order to assure a workforce skilled on energy efficiency and sustainable energy the needed skills will be implemented in existing and new profession competence profiles.
To ensure endorsement the consortium consists of organizations that have national status. These organizations will function as linking pins for the endorsement of the roadmap. As a result, the national roadmaps will be endorsed by the relevant authorities and stakeholders with a commitment to carry out and implement the proposed strategy.

Key documents: 
PDF icon BUILD_UP_Skills_Netherlands_status_quo_final.pdf
Office spreadsheet icon Occupations_in_Construction-_and_Installationsector.xls
PDF icon BUSNL-RoadmapV4.1_ENG_FINAL.pdf
PDF icon ROADMAP_ENG_groot.pdf
PDF icon BUSNL-Roadmap-FinalReport_with_Annexes.pdf