Project short description: 

The project works towards the elaboration & endorsement of a national qualification roadmap to enhance the achievement of the 2020 energy targets through up-to-date education & training schemes for the building workforce. It will be supported by active stakeholder engagement on the measures proposed in the roadmap, organised along two thematic pillars: 1/ Building industry utilizing technologies related to energy efficiency (EE) & renewable energy sources (RES) employing the building workforce (demand) 2/ Education schemes for the building industry workforce including continuing vocational training (offer). To reach the largest range of target groups, the scope of the analysis and roadmap covers the following segments of education & training: 1/Continuing vocational training for workers including on-the-job trainings 2/Initial education as part of the formal school system. The project will be implemented along 4 phases: (1) kick-off: creating the cooperation framework (2) initial phase: analysis & scope of roadmap development, status quo report, mobilisation of stakeholders (3) interim phase: roadmap development & stakeholder engagement (4) final phase for policy endorsement.

Key documents: 
PDF icon BUSH_Poster_A0_EMI.pdf
PDF icon Poster_roadmap_Hungary.pdf
PDF icon BUS_Hungary_SQR_EN_final.pdf
PDF icon BUS_Hungary_Roadmap_English.pdf
PDF icon BUS_Hungary_Roadmap_Hungarian.pdf