Project short description: 

Build Up Skills Finland is an Intelligent Energy Europe funded project aiming at improved energy efficiency competence of construction workers in different phases of the building process. Reliable information, skilled workforce and competent implementation will ensure that energy efficiency in the building will realize in practice. Decrease in energy consumption in buildings is in key role in the fulfillment of European and national energy efficiency targets.
The first step of the project is to compile a status quo analysis of current level of competence and skills and the role of energy issues in vocational education and in continuing and additional training. A series of workshops the project collects practical experiences and the target groups own insights of the construction sites practices and needs for development throughout Finland. In a later stage of the project the stakeholders are invited to contribute to the national roadmap which will compile training needs and objectives, a plan of training contents and a proposal how to organize the training.
At this stage a similar project is being implemented in altogether 21 European countries. Build Up Skills Finland exchanges experiences during the production process of the National Status Quo Report with projects from Austria and Slovenia.
The Build Up Skills Finland project runs until the end of April 2013.

Key documents: 
PDF icon D2.1_BUILD_UP_Skills_Finland_Analysis_of_the_National_Status_Quo.pdf
PDF icon BUSFinland_Roadmap_Final_en_0.pdf