Project short description: 

Reaching of the 2020 energy and climate change objectives represents a major challenge to the construction sector, which needs to be ready to deliver high energy performing renovations and, in particular, nearly zero energy buildings. This goal requires a major effort to increase the number of qualified workers, which is directly related to the quality of the educational programmes and the inclusion of training on intelligent EE and RE solutions in buildings. This project is designed to:

• perform an analysis of the national education system, political and legislative framework and market demand for skilled workers and build a common basis for informed discussions within the national platform;
• provide detailed description of the needs for specific training activities in a coherent framework;
• develop a Roadmap for Trainings on Intelligent Energy Solutions in Buildings: pave the way for overcoming of the identified barriers and gaps in order to meet the 2020 targets in the building sector.
• undertake targeted endorsement campaign involving the relevant state authorities.

Key documents: 
PDF icon SkillROAD_BG2020_D2.1_SQA_report.pdf
PDF icon BUILD_UP_Skills_roadmap_EN.pdf
PDF icon Appendix_1_Roadmap_BUS_BG_EN.pdf
PDF icon Appendix_2_Roadmap_BUS_BG_EN.pdf
PDF icon Appendix_3_Roadmap_BUS_BG_EN.pdf
PDF icon Appendix_4_Roadmap_BUS_BG_EN.pdf
PDF icon SkillROAD_BG2020-2013.06_(1).pdf