Instant access to cutting Edge Construction Know-How on your Mobile in 9 languages

ConClip provides free and easy access to a series of short, multi-lingual educational video clips (ConClips) via mobile phone. The videos, which address the different aspects that need special attention when constructing according to passive housing standards, are useful resources for craftsmen, site supervisors, teachers, architects and designers. The list of topics covered is as follows. The videos can be accessed right on the Home page and respective supporting material on the different topics covered on the ECVET tab.

  • Thermal Bridges – Mounting of Wall Insulation Boards
  • Airtightness – Window Installation on Exterior Brick Wall With Insulation
  • Insulation – Installation of a Window Sill
  • Thermal Bridges – Correct Insulation of Fascia Brickwork
  • Airtightness – Sealing around Cables, Ducts
  • Airtightness – Sealing of Threshold Area
  • Thermal Bridges – Correct Insulation of Cavity Walls
  • Insulation – Foundation Skirting without Basement
Monday, June 20, 2016