EU Activities

Throughout the whole BUILD UP Skills Initiative, regular exchange activities are organised at EU level to underline the European dimension and to foster the learning among countries. Many challenges in the building sector seem country-specific but often turn out to be common for many countries. These meetings foster the exchange and transfer of the rich technical expertises and experiences within the national BUILD UP Skills teams.

EU exchange meetings:

Until end of 2013 representatives of the national teams constituted within phase I of the initiative will meet twice a year to exchange on challenges they face as well as on findings, best practices, common ways forward, etc. Flexible working group formats allow in-depth exchange and learning.

Peer review activities:

Groups of four countries have been formed that support each other throughout the whole 18 months of work on the roadmaps.


Key results such as the national status quo reports and the national roadmaps will each be summarised into an EU-wide publication.