7th EU Exchange Meeting, Brussels, 18-19 January 2016

The 7th EU Exchange meeting of the BUILD UP Skills initiative took place the in Brussels 18 - 19 January 2016

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Monday, January 18, 2016
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Monday, January 18, 2016 - 9:00am
7th conference programme
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PDF icon 7th_conference_programme.pdf 99.82 KB
List of participants
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PDF icon Effective List of participants FINAL.pdf 113.49 KB
Plenary sessions presentations
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PDF icon 1. Vincent Berrutto EASME.pdf 1.18 MB
PDF icon 2. Paula Rey Garcia DG ENER.pdf 610.47 KB
PDF icon 3. Felix Rohn DG EMPL.pdf 349.52 KB
PDF icon 4. Roman Horvath DG GROW.pdf 276.3 KB
PDF icon 5. Alessandro Proia EASME.pdf 258.61 KB
PDF icon COWI BUS evaluation presentation.pdf 362.34 KB
PDF icon EE14 Construction skills.pdf 1.01 MB
PDF icon Trinomics' presentation - action plan BUS_final.pdf 788.25 KB
Presentations finished Pillar II projects
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PDF icon 1. Finished PII BUS_N@W Presentation.pdf 4.23 MB
PDF icon 2. Finished PII BUS_QualiShell-presentation.pdf 1.56 MB
Presentations Horizon 2020 EE4 projects & posters
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PDF icon 1. H2020 EE4 BUS ingREeS.pdf 925.11 KB
PDF icon 1. H2020 EE04 BUS ingREeS poster.pdf 1015.71 KB
PDF icon 2. H2020 EE 4 BUSnl BUS2B poster.pdf 3.51 MB
PDF icon 2. H2020 EE4 BUS-NL BUS2B.pdf 3.52 MB
PDF icon 3. H2020 EE4 MEnS.pdf 1.67 MB
PDF icon 3. H2020 EE4 MEnS_POSTER.pdf 12.44 MB
PDF icon 4. H2020 EE4 PROF-TRAC_best practice.pdf 2.58 MB
PDF icon 5. H2020 EE4 Train to NZEB.pdf 1.22 MB
Presentations Technical Working Groups
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PDF icon TWG 1 Finance.pdf 279.61 KB
PDF icon TWG 2 Mutual recognition framework .pdf 329.83 KB
PDF icon TWG 2 Survey results.pdf 1.73 MB
PDF icon TWG2 Conclusions.pdf 1.57 MB
PDF icon TWG 3.1_Innovation and incentives helder_goncalves.pdf 312.56 KB
PDF icon TWG 3.2_Innovation and incentives Simonas Gausas.pdf 279.88 KB
PDF icon TWG 3.3_Innovation and incentives Jadranka.pdf 217.46 KB
PDF icon TWG 4 Market acceptance .pdf 471.08 KB
Presentation on cross-crafts understanding
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PDF icon Cross-crafts_understanding workshop ppt.pdf 252.85 KB
Ex-post audit findings from IEE projects
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PDF icon IEE_Ex-post-audit-findings_on-line.pdf 355.02 KB
Report on the 7th EU Exchange Meeting
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PDF icon D1.4 Meeting Report 18-19 Jan 2016_final.pdf 3.28 MB